Heating, Ventilation, Air-Conditioning, Dehumidification

Thereco is a French company building energy-optimized, custom solutions for the tertiary and industrial markets, for new buildings as well as for renovation.

Smart Technical Design

Terms and conditions

Whether you are a prescriber, a real estate promoter, an installer, a business manager or a general contractor, there is a Thereco product that perfectly fulfills your needs.


EDA Charter

The company has built and developed around three fundamental criteria :

  • Reduced energy consumption, in order to reduce costs.
  • Size optimization to adapt to every specification
  • Noise reduction, suitable for the most demanding environment


Thereco builds reliable, competitive products. Its devices adapt to the specifications of the user and the constraints of the location. Thanks to their very high quality, Thereco products need only simple maintenance, which is efficient and fast. Their leading-brand components give them an edge in terms of reliability. When necessary, maintenance is realized in a timely way, as the components are always available in stock. Your whole project will be managed by the same person, someone who specializes in your air treatment needs.

Building regulations

For more than 30 years, Thereco has been anticipating evolving needs for air treatment, and deploying their technological know-how to adapt to ever-evolving regulation.

Thereco’s R&D department, geared toward industrial, technical and regulatory intelligence, designs innovative, ground-breaking products.